Air Duct Cleaning Process

By · November 20, 2008 · Filed in Consumer Q & A's

Air duct cleaning is becoming more popular as many realize how much cleaning the “lungs”, or air ducts, of your building and home can improve the indoor air quality. It is recommend that you clean your air ducts about every 5 to 8 years depending on how sensitive you or the occupants are to respiratory irritations, how leaky your system is, and how much your environment has been subjected to airborne contaminates such as heavy remodeling, mold growth, or fire damage.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association, or NADCA, leads the way in setting the industry standards for the cleaning of air ducts. HVAClean is NADCA certified and has certified technicians on staff.

At HVAClean we put the entire system under negative air pressure using a large electric or gasoline powered vacuum. Agitation tools are used to loosen and push the debris toward the negative air collector. Cameras are used to inspect and verify cleanliness! We clean from one end to the other, including register covers, branch lines, supply trunk, fan unit, evaporator coil, return trunk, and the return grill. In commercial applications additional components are cleaned including VAV boxes, reheat units, turning vanes, fire dampers, etc. We utilize everything from truck-mounted equipment to robots! You can rest assured that HVAClean will thoroughly clean your HVAC system! Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!

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